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Sergio Alcocer

has always been a progressive voice in the advertising industry, advocating for diversity and inclusion since before the terms were part of every conversation.

In 1999, Sergio joined forces with two of his Anheuser-Busch clients and launched LatinWorks in Austin, Texas. Sergio set the vision of the agency and led the day-to-day work for 16 years. Although he would never claim credit for the work of dozens of loyal and talented professionals who contributed to the agency through the years, he is proud of the things that the agency achieved under his leadership: Fastest-growing multicultural ad agency in the country; Two-time Top 10 Agency in the USA (AdAge A-List); Five-time Multicultural Agency of the Year (AdAge, ADWEEK); Small Agency of the Year (AdAge); Forbes Top Innovative Agency; most-awarded Multicultural agency in the world for 6 years running.

Sergio is also a sought-after speaker in the international circuit and has spoken six times on the main stage of the Cannes Lions advertising festival, where he has also served twice as a jury member.

In 2017, Sergio founded Rest of the World as a response to the need for a new agency model, one that questions the myth of the full-service agency and recognizes that today no one agency can be the best at everything. Rest of the World believes that a specialized senior team that works directly on each assignment offers a more agile and efficient response to its clients.

Sergio earned an EMBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Sergio Alcocer

José Quijano

With more than 20 years of management experience leading teams for global, regional (Europe and Latin America), national, and local US brands, Jochi is a distinguished advertising executive with a comprehensive grasp of all media types, content development, and strategic thinking.

Jochi’s professional philosophy revolves around the belief that effective and inspiring creative work serves as the most potent driver of business transformation and brand differentiation. As a trusted partner to his clients, he works relentlessly to align their business challenges with creatively driven solutions. His diverse abilities across all media types are supplemented by a strong strategic focus, which is a trademark of his approach to projects of any size or scope.

Throughout his career, Jochi has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. His versatile expertise spans various media platforms, ensuring a holistic approach to every project. As an advertising executive, Jochi is driven by a profound passion for delivering innovative and effective advertising campaigns that make a lasting impact. His commitment to excellence and results-driven approach continue to shape his journey in the advertising industry.

Sergio Alcocer