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It took many by surprise: Univision, the untouchable cornerstone of “Hispanicity” in the United States, is losing ground. Its Mexican-produced programming is no longer dominating prime time Spanish-language viewership. We are witnessing the beginning of a major shift in an industry that was created around the dependable Spanish-dominant immigrant. As immigration slows and U.S.-born Latinos take control of their remotes (laptops, tablets and smartphones), the need for content that truly captures the uniqueness of the Latinx lifestyle is evident.

The influence of Univision on Hispanic America is undeniable. For decades it served as the only glue that united Hispanics in this country. It was the one network that everyone tuned in to for information, entertainment and nostalgia. No more. Spanish language is not going away, but it can no longer be the one strategy that our whole industry defends. Young Latinx are not defined by the language they speak, but by the culture they are creating blending both of their worlds.

Real multicultural marketing is just starting. We are excited.